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0 Israeli prison authorities deny the existance of about 1000 Palestinian captives

There are 7500 Palestinian captives in Zionist regime’s jails but Zionist authorities deny the existance of about one thousand of captives, only giving the list of about 6500 prisoners in 31 Israeli jails, visiting Gaza Minister of Captives Affairs Attallah Abu al-Sabah said in an interview with Qudsna correspondent in Tehran. 

Among the captives, there are 300 children and 37 women, al-Sabah said, adding that about 1500 Palestinian captives are suffering from incurable diseases including cancer and kidney infection or disorder. 
Torture, inhumane treatment, and long solitary confinement are some violations of human rights against Palestinians by the Israeli prison authorities, the minister added.

Some Palestinian captives have been held for more than 12 years in solitary confinement, he said.

Palestinian captives during interrogations are facing more than a hundred mental and physical torture methods including threats of murder, assassination, home demolition and rape, the minister said, calling on the Arab and Muslim leaders to put pressure on Zionist regime to comply with its international obligations.  
The minister said he himself had experienced such inhuman treatment at the hand of Zionist regime during his three year imprisonment in Israeli jails.

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