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0 UN becomes an independent Palestine's only option

The apartheid-inspired Israeli regime continues to go on rampage in illegally occupied Palestine, killing the defenceless Palestinians at will.

This context has been imposed in Mideast by USA-UK terror twins following their mischievous victory in the World War II, and now further reinforced by the notorious UNSC-NATO terror organizations, The lawless Israeli regime has even provided it with illegal nukes.

Ever since they were driven out of their homes by the criminal elements Israel’s Jewish population, Palestinians have been struggling to obtain an independent Palestine once again to live free from Zionist attacks and massacres and all the “talks” between them and the illegal Israeli occupiers have failed so far owing to the lack of sincerity on the part of the Zionist leadership as well as the western sponsors led by the unilateral USA.

The USA and Israel have objected to the Palestinian’s diplomatic offensive, calling instead for a resumption of direct peace negotiations. Leaders of both USA and Israel behave like dictators pushing through their own terms to Palestinians, rather than true statesmen trying to find credible solutions.

It seems like the Israeli Establishment’s Zionist ideology. and fascism are also synonymous with “democracy“. USA and Israel, as apparent joint terror twins, employ similar threatening tone regarding UN recognition of Palestine as a full member.

By withstanding all pressure and terror tactics of US-Israeli terrocraices, the Palestinians will seek full membership in the world body through the General Assembly. But the USA, Israel’s ally in humanity crimes, has threatened to veto any such measure, raising procedural questions about the Palestinian campaign.

Pro-West Palestinian leader Abbas acknowledged the internal obstacle of Palestinian bifurcation between Hamas in Gaza and the P.A. in the West Bank. He said, “God willing, Palestinian reconciliation will be achieved before we go to the UN.” Last month, the rotating president of the General Assembly said the body does not deal with membership issues absent an enabling resolution passed by the UNSC.

A close ally of USA and NATO, Israel also kills defenceless Palestinians and uses the corpses as a bargain chip with the Palestinian leadership over their freedom struggle for an independent Palestine state to be a full member of UN. A recent announcement by Israeli military minister Ehud Barak, former terror PM of Israel, that he had placed a hold on plans to transfer the bodies of 84 Palestinian terrorists killed in attacks on Jews has sparked outrage among Israelis who knew nothing about the plan until Barak’s announcement. Washington which claims to be crusader for the cause of freedom and democracy does not open its dirty mouth on the issue.

USA and its CIA-Pentagon-Mossad jointly oppose Palestine as well the sovereignty move legally though UN and, like the Jews, call Palestinians the terrorists. Palestinian diplomats gathered in Istanbul, Turkey, on 23th July to receive marching orders for a diplomatic offensive in support of plans to seek legal recognition of statehood at the UN in September overcoming all pressure tactics of fascist Israel and its allies. Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud ‘Abbas told his assembled diplomats that the UN gambit was forced upon the Palestinians by virtue of Israel’s refusal to “end settlement building and end the occupation. In an apparent response to critics who argue that the UN gambit is a unilateral act proscribed by the Oslo Accords,” and is therefore “not unilateral”, but Abbas reiterated that their decision to approach the UN after such long wait is not “unilateral”. 

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