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0 Missing Libya stingers are not all we should be worried about.....

2007 GOA report to Congressional Committees stresses that DOD can not guarantee that US funded weapons reach Iraqi security forces.

Here's the bottom line on this particular mess;

110 thousand AK-47s and 80 thousand pistols purchased with US tax payers money in order to arm Iraqi security forces are simply "unaccounted" for by US Army.

Also, 135 thousand body armor vests, and 115 thousand helmets are also "missing".

October 2006 Congress report stated that in 2003, 14 thousand firearms went "missing" in Iraq.

It also has to be mentioned, that out of more then 370 thousand guns US provided to Iraqi forces, serial numbers of only 10 thousand were registered by Pentagon, thus automatically leaving 360 thousand as unaccounted for.


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