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0 Bisphenol A, Toxins in your tea kettle

Think about this as you drink your morning cup o’ tea: The kettle you boiled the water in could contain a plastic compound and synthetic hormone that’s potentially cancer causing. 

 Controversial Bisphenol A, or BPA, has been banned from baby bottles in some countries—and France’s food safety agency issued two reports on Tuesday condemning BPA as dangerous—but authorities in Switzerland are dragging their heels over the issue, saying we’re not at risk from levels of the substance that we normally come into contact to. ABE, the Consumer Show continues its investigation: Download/Print Test Results (PDF)

ABE submitted 22 kettles purchased in French-speaking Switzerland—15 plastic kettles and seven metal—for analysis at the laboratory of Neuchâtel’s Cantonal Chemist.
Prior to analysis, each object was prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions: up to four rinses before taking into consideration its contents for analysis.
The worst offenders:
MioStar SilverBelt: 160 ng/l (Migros, CHF 39.90) Kenwood Atom: 120 ng/l (Maxi-Discount, CHF 40) Melitta Look Aqua Vario: 75 ng/l (Media Markt, CHF 49) Rotel Rapid 280: 15 ng/l (Manor, CHF 49.90) Trisa Vitessa: 10 ng/l (Media Markt, CHF 29.90)
Eight kettles contained BPA prior to rinsing, but no detectable amount afterwards:
Turmix CX 170 (Media Markt, CHF 29.90) Satrap Thermoboil (Coop, CHF 34.40) Tefal Vitesse (Manor, CHF 74.90) Durabase Aqua (Migros, CHF 19.90) Füst Primotecq WK 9010 (Fust, CHF 19.90) Bosch Private Collection TWK6004N (Fust, CHF 69.90) Philips HD4676 (Maxi-Discount, CHF 55) Miostar XS (Migros, CHF 24.90)
Two kettles showed no traces of BPA, either before or after rinsing:
Intertronic (Inter Discount, CHF 19.95) Braun AquaExpress WK 210 (Fust, CHF 69.90)
The worst offenders:
Trisa Expressboil: 140 ng/l (Media Markt, CHF 49) Tefal Expressboil: 60 ng/l (Media Markt, CHF 85) Füst Primotecq WK1340: 55 ng/l (Fust, CHF 34.90) Solis AQUAMAT 554: 25 ng/l (Media Markt, CHF 69) Satrap Quickboil: 20 ng/l (Coop, CHF 54.90) Bosch Private Collection TWK 6801: 20 ng/l (Fust, CHF 89.90)
The winner:
The only metal kettle without any detectable bisphenol A following rinsing: Miostar Chà (CHF 49.90)
For information purposes, the Cantonal Chemist also analysed the water in the three kettles used by the laboratory’s employees, kettles a few years old. All three contained BPA—up to 410 ng/l.
over 3x more than the Worst tested, The reason? 
Old plastic produces more BPA. As the plastic ages, it starts to show micro-cracks and degrades with age.

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