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0 Employer Facebook policy changing workplace social networking

Do you know who's keeping a close look at your Facebook page? It may not just be your friends.

Your employer may have a Facebook policy.  If they do, it may be time to learn what it says.
"There's no free speech," one person told us. That person didn't want their identity known and chose their words carefully.
"You have to watch what you say," the person told us. Especially, they said, on Facebook and other social media.
"I have heard about people getting in trouble for what they put on Facebook, but I never thought it would happen to me," the person explained. But it did. They told us a co-worker and Facebook friend reported them to the boss for talking about work on the social media site.
"They gave me a verbal warning and told me to remove my place of work from Facebook," they explained. "You catch yourself starting to write something, then turn around and no, I better take that off." 
What has developed, social media and legal experts told Eyewitness News, is a sophisticated and damning version of the workplace complaint session at the bar after hours.  Only on social media sites, it's in print... and doesn't go away.

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Are people really this stupid? 

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