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0 Report: FBI device didn't record bomb plot

Prosecutors in the Portland tree lighting bomb plot say the FBI attempt to record the suspect's first words about a plot failed because the recorder died, according to a report in The Oregonian.
The newspaper reports that prosecutors wrote in court documents filed Thursday that other agents still overheard the July 30 conversation between bombing suspect Mohamed Mohamud and an undercover agent.
Mohamud is charged with plotting to detonate a van filled with what he thought were explosives via a remote cell phone trigger during Portland's Christmas Tree Lighting event in Pioneer Courthouse Square. About 10,000 people were gathered in the square that night. 
FBI agents arrested Mohamud immediately after they say he attempted to detonate the device. However, Mohamud's lawyers appear to be building a case that the Somali was illegally entrapped.
Mohamud is charged with attempting to ignite a weapon of mass destruction.

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