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2 Bin Laden is dead.....Long live Bin Laden.

Who's keeping the terror myth alive?

In the trigger-happy post-9/11 world, the favoured way to instigate a war is to demand that the designated "evildoer" prove a negative.

Iraq was invaded because it couldn't prove that it didn't have WMDs. Iran is under constant threat of attack unless it can demonstrate that it's not seeking nuclear weapons. And now Pakistan is being chastised for allegedly harbouring Osama bin Laden—who in all probability has been dead and buried for eight years.

But with the hunt for the elusive bin Laden having already cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, perhaps Americans should demand conclusive proof that Israel hasn’t conned them into fighting a phoney “war on terror.” 


catwoman4u2007 said...

so thats why israhell will be surrounded by the world that hates them -conned

roonster said...

I believe Israel has needed no help from anyone to fall into the level of condemnation that the world now shows it, it's been quite capable reaching those lows on it's own...