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0 NPR Report: "Libyan Rebels" Start looting and intimidating at will, well....Duh!

Residents of the Libyan capital Tripoli are growing increasingly angry at abuses said to be carried out by armed anti-Gadhafi groups. Some allege that once rebel fighting brigades have become criminal gangs, looting and intimidating at will.

Because these were never "Rebels" to begin with, the Libyan situation was never an "Uprising" was hired help, and now the money and support for them is becoming short and they are grabbing what they can.
Would this "conflict" have gone on for so long if the people of Libya really wanted rid of Gadaffi?
Forget our twisted media...Truth is the UN totally underestimated how much support the Libyan people actually have for Gadafi, for what he had done for Libya, and they want to keep it.

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