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0 Un-edited Footage Of Planet Sized Comet Hitting The Sun, 2nd oct 2011

The guy that uploaded this video caught footage of a massive body hitting the sun with such force it created a huge ejection on its opposite side!, this has so far been completely unreported by Nasa.
The video below explains:

what is more startling is that if you now visit the site mentioned above where the video was originally downloaded from 
and download the same video C2.gif, the point were it comes in from the bottom and impacts is now missing, as the picture now skips very fast past 16:00 to 21:00 right at the very point it comes on screen (see below compared to original )

The origin of the original photo/gif used in the Youtube video is from an internal directory at LASCO (Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment) and therefore it's authenticity is very hard to doubt, and the fact the impact has suddenly now disappeared makes this even more worrying.
I don't expect the above YouTube video to stay up very long once it gets some traction, so copies have been made of all relevant material in this event and will be reapplied to this post.

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