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0 Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown TRAILER: This Documentary Needs To Be Released....Please get behind it and pledge as little or as much as you can

55 days to go....


I understand that everyone's time and money is very limited. I appreciate you taking the time to watch the trailer and read a little about this project. This is a passion that has consumed me over the past 10 years, and I'm on the cusp of a dream coming alive!

Your support and generosity can propel us over the finish line. Please help spread the good word!

My producer, Jeff Alberini, and I have been filming off and on since September 2009 when Jim Traficant was released from prison after 7+ years of incarceration. I've funded the project out of pocket up to this point, with Jeff providing all camera/sound equipment.

While we anticipate ultimately needing more money to complete the project, the desired $25,000 will kickstart our post-production and allow us to complete our final round of interviews. Any additional resources will be used to acquire expensive news coverage.

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