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0 Ex IDF Education Head: Religious Zionism Getting 'Too Religious'

Former IDF Education head Stern, known for criticism of religious Zionists, called for end to their “move to the far religious right”.

Former IDF Education and Personnel head Elazar Stern, known for his shapr criticism of Religious Zionists, called for an end to what he said was “a move to the far religious right” on the part of rabbis of the National Religious community.
In an interview with the Hebrew newspaper, Makor Rishon, Stern said that there was a hyper-sensitivity to issues of modesty among many IDF soldiers who have studied at yeshivot associated with the National Religious movement, with what he termed "many innovations" that were harming the morale and performance of religious soldiers.

Stern, a controversial figure who wanted to eliminate the hesder yeshiva program and denigrated its service when he was head of IDF Education, this despite the overwhelming number of heroes and officers it has spawned, made the comment on the backdrop of an incident last week, in which nine religious IDF soldiers left a performance where female soldiers sang.  Four of them were later sent to the brig.
The group had been refused permission to leave even though they said that they had been instructed by their rabbi to leave in order to avoid violating the halakhic law against hearing live singing performances by women.

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