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0 Tea Party crowd at GOP debate cheers for uninsured man’s death

Well they ...dont really but that's how reports what happened.
Last night the crowd at the GOP presidential debate made some news in addition to the candidates. The debate in Tampa, Florida was hosted by CNN and the Tea Party Express.  The Tea Party based crowd frequently made their own views known by cheering on the most conservative positions of the candidates on stage.  At one point, as seen in the video to the left, some members of the crowd actually call for the death of an uninsured man who chose not to pay premiums.
The scene unfolded as host Wolf Blitzer presented Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) with a hypothetical in which a healthy 30-year-old man decides not to purchase health insurance.  Blitzer asked whether Paul would let the man die if he subsequently got sick and could not pay for the care he needed.  While Blitzer a hypothetical, the situation is, in fact, a very real part of our society.  Over 47 million Americans are uninsured.  Some, as in Blitzer’s hypothetical, chose to be uninsured.  However, many more have no choice and go without insurance because they cannot afford or they are excluded by private market policies.  One study linked 45,000 deaths each year to a lack of health insurance.  Under federal law the uninsured must be stabilized if they go to an emergency room, but there is no duty to provide them with more extensive treatment to cure their condition.

How twisted is the Anti Ron Paul Media going get??'s laughable!!

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