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0 A New "Facebook uprising" to begin in Algeria this Saturday?.

Facebook page calling for a Day of Anger in Algeria on September 17th, Algerian Government reacts with some very interesting points.....

"The Algerian Minister of Interior and Local Government, Dahou Ould Kablia said that foreign parties are involved in order to cause unrest in Algeria September 17. The survey conducted by security services, confirmed a general reluctance on these malicious calls from foreign parties whose purpose is to destabilize the country.
In a statement to Ennahar, Ould Kablia said that the authorities, who surveyed the streets of Algeria, through social networking sites, like Facebook, have concluded that there was no impact of these nuisance calls on the Algerians. On the contrary, many people, especially youth, organize to combat these ideas by calling for wisdom and mobilization in order to bar the way to any attempt to destabilize the country.
According to the Minister of Interior, “the appeals find no echo and there will be no demonstrations or disturbances at that precise date.”
Responding to a question as to the results of the survey which was conducted by the security services, to reach the authors of this appeal, Ould Kablia said that they were foreign parties, given the date chosen which coincides with the Camp David and also with the events of Sabra and Shatila. It is, in his view, a Zionist plan against Algeria. “If it was the work of people inside the country, we would have unmasked and arrested them, but the clues point us to foreign parties in relation to the Zionist entity.”
The date of September 17, 2011 of the alleged revolution in Algeria, to which call hundreds of Facebook and Internet users as the French journalist of Jewish origin, Bernard Henri Levy, for the overthrow of the regime in Algeria, coincides with the same day when Napoleon III had trampled Algerian soil. The choice of the date by the French philosopher is not accidental.
According to an article by Daniel R. published in the French magazine “Histoire” in January 1991, Napoleon III came to Algeria September 17, 1760. He dreamed of creating a Jewish state stretching from Algiers to Baghdad, under a French protectorate.
So the date chosen by the French writer and journalist Levy, of Jewish origins, and his consorts fans of Napoleon Bonaparte, those who belong to the new philosophical movement whose slogan “liberation of nations from domination” and follow a new modern way, using the youth of the Arab countries, and Algerians in particular, by encouraging them to revolt; a way to re-colonize these nations and put their people once again under the boots of Napoleon Bonaparte.

We shall see the outcome on Saturday... 
"Bernard Henri Levy" involved?....should be very interesting.

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