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0 Suspected NZ terrorist to PM: "I want your evidence"

The Prime Minister is refusing to reveal why the Government believes Hamilton man Mark Taylor is a terror threat.
Mr Taylor, a convert to Islam, has never faced trial but hid alleged links to al-Qaeda mean he is living under restrictions so secret he has not been told them himself.
M Taylor is New Zealand's first suspected al-Qaeda terrorist, and his message for John Key is simple: Show me the evidence.
“I'd say to him ‘where is your evidence? I want 100 percent evidence put on the table’.”
Mr Key's response: no way.
Mr Key confirmed a Wikileaks release showing Mr Taylor is on an international terror watch-list.

Mark Taylor

He also said Mr Taylor was living here under secret restrictions.
Mr Taylor says he would like to know what the restrictions are.
He is a former New Zealand soldier and suspected of training for terrorism, after visiting the al-Qaeda stronghold Wana in Pakistan.
He has also been to Yemen where al-Qaeda is based and listens to radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, one of the group's motivators.
“Surely we’ve got to watch this guy,” says Mr Key.
Mr Taylor was deemed so dangerous he even had his New Zealand passport cancelled with help from the Terrorism Suppression Act.
But he has never faced any charges, or had any trial.
“Why is it that I haven't been taken to court? Why is it that I have my passport revoked? And basically it’s from the SIS, they won't give me any, they won’t explain to me because it's all classified.”
Mr Taylor may be a terror suspect but just eight weeks ago he was in the audience as Mr Key spoke to his Hamilton mosque.
And if he ever sees him again - he has this to say.
“Thanks very much for ruining my life.”
There are many questions about Mr Taylor and his denials require a lot of believing.
But his case sends a warning the enormous powers our spies and terror laws can have over people, without requiring evidence.

Classic reporting in the video....
Reporter: "and Mr Key's response?"
Mr Key: "No"


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